Hey there friend, welcome to the New England Adventurers Fellowship. I’m Boyd Booker. As you can see, our guild house is only a stone’s throw away from the harbor. In the main hall here we have a place where our members can gather or meet up. You can grab a bite to eat and check out the job board.

As New England’s premiere adventurer’s guild we get dozens of missives a week asking for help. If you see a job that strikes your fancy bring it up to Vera at the back of the room and she’ll put your name down for that job along with any teammates you would like with you.

While it isn’t necessary, we do encourage our members to work with a partner while out in the field. While this does mean splitting the reward it also means you’re much less likely to be found dead at the bottom of a ravine by another member years from now because nobody was around to help you.

After you’ve finished your quest come back to either the main house here in Boston or any of our other eight locations across the region. The Fellowship does take their ten percent too but that money is there to help you. Each of our guild houses has a cleric on staff at all times as well as an endless stew pot and bread in our main halls.

The Fellowship also does its best to negotiate the best prices with local merchants for potions, weapons and armor.

Right, our founder, Evander Tertysaes. He doesn’t get around much since his battle with Inatha of the Cult of Cho-Thactha what with the missing leg and all. Still, he does like to keep involved with the members of the Fellowship in what ways he can.

Finally, a free bit of advice from me, be wary of taking any jobs from the Science Wizards of Cambridge. Don’t get me wrong, they do good work. There’s always a gnome or two from the trainyards visiting them for counsel but they’re also obsessed with Fog City. Not one person who has ever stepped into that damned fog has ever come out again. So if their reward is just right for you make sure you say farewell to your friends and send a letter to your mother before you go over there.

Just sayin’.

The New England Adventurers' Fellowship

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