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So we’re going to start with a map of New England and work from as far northeast as the region goes and then southwest until we hit New York.

First we have Maine, currently controlled by Wizard King of Maine. Since taking control nearly two centuries ago, Maine’s northern border has gone further north, taking some land from Canadia while the eastern border has gone back a little more in retaliation by half-orc lumberjack barbarian tribes.

The western border of Maine was pushed back nearly fifteen miles at the longest part by the White Mountain Dwarves. Their land encompasses the entire range of the White Mountains in New Hampshire and they run a few above ground towns to make trade easier. The Methigs dwarves broke away from the White Mountain Dwarves a long time ago.

The largest town in New Hampshire is Portsmouth since it is a crossroad between the Atlantic Ocean and the Boston to Portland rail.

Everything else in New Hampshire is made up of small to moderate sized towns spotted here and there, each surrounded by farmland. These are controlled by The Freemen of Hampshire who want nothing to do with any so-called nobility.

The northwest corner of Vermont is practically its own country, The Kingdom of the Light Cemeteries controlled by King Warden Lighthunter. Orleans, on the country’s eastern border, is the end point of the merchant train that starts in Portsmouth while the capital city of St. Alban’s is the end point of the railway that goes north from New Haven through Hartford, Springfield and Burlington.

The city-state of Burlington controls the land from the souther border of The Kingdom of the Light Cemeteries, east to St. Johnsbury and its southernmost point is Montpelier. The southern border is marked by the rails.

Lady Carissa Burlington is the leader of Burlington and is also head of the merchant guild.

South of Burlington is the Green Mountains which is unique in all the world for having elves and dwarves living together. The Green Mountain Elves occupy the forests along the Green Mountains while The Green Mountain Dwarves live in the mountains. Their lands stop at Massachusetts’ northern border.

Then there’s Boston, the economic powerhouse of the region with its busy ports and railway connections going everywhere.

Between Boston and Springfieldthere are many small villages and big stretches of nothing. Springfield is a rail hub connecting Boston and Albany along the east-west line and Hartford and White River Junction along the north-south line.

Western Mass is a strange place, full of halflings.

If you head southeast from Boston towards Cape Cod you enter the Little Duchies. The Little Duchies border runs from Fall River northeast to Kingston. The Seven Dukes were awarded their titles so long ago that few outside the families remember how it happened. These days some of the Dukes are Duchesses. The times they are a changing.

Rhode Island isn’t made up of much outside of Providence if you aren’t on the coast. The coast is fairly prosperous with many fishing towns and ports.

Northeastern Connecticut is run similarly to The Freemen of Hampshire since they have no permanent ruler nor do they want one. They’ve been expanding their territory inch by inch every year by expanding their walls. What was once a small territory almost equidistant between the nearest rails has grown until it has reached the border of Rhode Island.

Hartford is nothing more than a glorified railroad stop. It has a little more trade going down the river but the city’s lord, John Jackson, is a despot who charges high tariffs, thus keeping Hartford from getting as much trade as it should. Most merchants find it easier to go all the way around through either Providence and Boston or through New York to get goods up north rather than go through Hartford. The walled city has many enemies because of this.

West of Hartford and extending just over twenty miles west and almost all the way south to the Brass City is land controlled the warlord Shroud Cursechanter.

The northwest corner of Connecticut is overrun with trolls.

The Brass City is mostly underground with some habitation on the surface. Most of it is controlled by the gnomes who aren’t part of the railroad (though they are adjacent to the rails and many repairs and modifications are done there.

Southwest of New England is New York which is controlled by The Quintumvirate of York.

The Midwest is full of halfling farmers but there’s something more out there.

Roam is the great caravan city that travels between the Appalachians and the Rockies. Don’t think of some raggle-taggle gypsy caravan with maybe a dozen wagons, Roam has well over a thousand wagons and is as big as any metropolis. They trade in everything but especially secrets.

Farther west, across the Rocky Mountains is the Land of Ooo. The people there are… different.

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